This Course focuses on the Physical health. It will help individuals in healing all the 5 elements inside their body. It would also help in inculcating healthy habits on day-to-day basis that are very practical in nature. One can experience the
change instantly once they start using these methods.

Holistic wellness Part 2: Mind and Energy healing

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This Course focuses on the Mind and overall Energy health. It will help individuals in healing their mind by identifying the negative thought patterns and changing it to raise the energy levels

Live Life Holistically

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This Course focuses on the overall health and wellness techniques that include Physical, mental, emotional and energy levels. It will explain how you can energise yourself at all the levels and raise your energy levels by focusing on food, breath,
emotions, thoughts and life that you are living. When you learn to experience life as
it is, then you live life to its fullest.

Kids Empowerment

Children are naturally intuitive and can read vibes or the energy levels very naturally. Thus, with little practice we can teach them to become self-reliant and motivated beings. Just with little guidance we can motivate them to become creative
in their original form.

Soap Making Course (DIY)

This course is for the ones who are interested in making natural Soap using original Cold Processed technique. This would help you identify the harmful chemicals that are there in some of the Commercials soaps and how you can make yourself natural chemical free soaps using lye, oils, clays and pure essential oils.