Soap Making Course (DIY)

This course is for the ones who are interested in making natural Soap using original
Cold Processed technique. This would help you identify the harmful chemicals that
are there in some of the Commercials soaps and how you can make yourself natural
chemical free soaps using lye, oils, clays and pure essential oils.

Course Content

  • About Soap-Making Equipment
  • Natural Ingredients to Be Used in Soap
  • Cold Process Soap Making Process
  • Knowing About Curing Time
  • Using Soap Calc
  • Making Your Own Recipe Calculations
  • Making Moisturizing Soap, Multi-Layer Soap, Soaps for Dry, Normal and Oily Skin, and Luxurious Soap
  • Pure Coconut Soaps
  • Examples: Natural Clay Soaps Like Bentonite Soap, Kaolin, Rose Clay
  • Detox Soaps Like Charcoal Soaps
  • Natural Anti-Tan Soap Like Orange Peel Scrub Soap, Oatmeal Scrub Soap
  • Natural Scrub Soaps Like Coffee Scrub Soap, Wheat Bran Scrub Soap
  • Swirl Technique Soaps Like Flower Swirl Soap
  • Advanced Swirl Soaps: Funnel Pour Soap, Column Pour Soap
  • Packaging of Soaps and Finishing