How do I experience you …
I always ask!
But when your energy flows through me …
You define the way, I thrive !!

I can’t see you anywhere …
Is that just me?
But when I close my eyes
I experience you everywhere !!

Whenever I feel low …
Life seems tough
But when I see small sapling growing through rock
I witness your Grace !!

When at night, my heart cries,
And Sleeping becomes a task
But I see the Moon and stars, shine out in the sky,
I feel your blanket that my Heart Aspires !!



मिट्टी के कण-कण में तू है…
इस आकाश गगन के तारो में तू है..
क्यों तुझे देख मेरा मन भर आए
तुझसे मेरा रोम रोम मुस्कुराए..
कैसी है ये तेरी महिमा
जो मुझे वापस अपने घर लाए..

जल की तरंगों में तू है
इस पवन के झोंकों में तू है..
क्यों मेरा मन पुलकित हो जाए
तेरा ही रंग मुझमें समाए..
कैसी है तेरी ये प्रतिमा
जो मुझे बार-बार बुलाए..

इस पूरे भ्रमांडमें तू है..
हर जीव के कण कण में तू है
क्यों तुझे महसूस केर मेरी आँखें भर आए
इस सुंदर धरती पर युही फूल मुस्कुराए
जहाँ देखो चारो और, मैं अगर,
बस सिर्फ़ तू ही तू, हम सब में समाये !!


Life is…

Life is………………………
Life is beautiful,
Ask a seed when it grows
Of course, it is magical,
Ask a Bud when it blooms
Life is mystical,
Ask a dew drop when it shines
Yes, it is Grace,
Ask a Tree that defies gravity as it grows
Life is a fragrance,
Ask a Lotus that gets nourished through dirt
Of course, it is a source,
Ask the Sun that brings life on Earth!!

Life is Patience,
Ask a mother who waits for 9 months for her child
Of course, it is a Dream,
Ask a young child who wants to fly high
Life is a Journey,
Ask a caterpillar that grows into a Butterfly
Yes, it is a lesson,
Ask a Person who has failed multiple times
Life is a Fulfillment,
Ask a person who lived serving others
Of course, it is boundless and Limitless,
Ask the dust that turned into a Star a zillion times!!



Your Presence is evident,

 in every aspect of Life..

The calm and serene breeze tells us all !!

This Life is a blend,

 of Highs and Lows..

The bright and dark cloud tells us all !!

Your Will succeeds Our Will..

The rain drops falling tells us all !!

We are just another life,

In this whole wide world!

The rising sun from the mountains tells us all !!

Your energy manifests,

 in every atom on this planet..

This rich soil tells us all !!

We are just a mere speck,

 in this Universe..

This Limitless Cosmos tells us all !!



Where Swan will play and birds shall sing…

Where earthworm will roll  with joy and bees shall rise !!

It’s time !! A New World Arise !

Where rivers will be clear and mountains shall guide..

Where breeze will be pure and soil shall rise!!

It’s time !! A New World Arise!

Where lives will be equal and nothing shall be superior.

Where Nature will heal itself and tress shall rise !!

It’s time !! A New World Arise!

Where materialistic things will become past and true character  shall shine..

Where truth will reveal itself and purity shall rise !!

It’s time !! A New World Arise!

Where introspection will be natural and everything shall be accounted

Where We shall know one World and true essence of Being shall rise !!

It’s time !! A New World Arise!



Embracing 5 Elements of Nature 

Ray of Sun fills me with Love inside,

Playing and looking, where to hide,

In hiding, it spreads joy and bliss,

Filling every core without miss !!

When the breeze is cool,

It generates beautiful sensations to fool ,

It hugs and energizes  me ,

Shifting from dullness to glee !!

When drops of water falls on earth,

Every cell is brought to life, from dearth,

Every atom in my body begins to play like harp,

And the birds start to chirp !!

As soil on earth gets nourished,

Every life here gets flourished,

 My roots get strong and grounded ,

As I began to bloom and unbounded !!

The Aakash is there holding everything together ,

With you, me in this Multiverse, floating like a feather,

We bow down in awe ,

For it reminds us how insignificant we are in this Universal Law !!

By Monika Sakhuja



I always wished I had wings,
So I could fly like a bird touching the blue sky,
And reach out to beautiful Universe,
I always wished I had fins,
So I could swim in blue Ocean,
And reach out to the beautiful pearls.
But I realized now
That God made me a human being for a purpose,
My mind can soar high, and create the impossible,
My heart can go deep within and tap my inner reservoir of power,
Making me a part of Creator and becoming one with HIM……