Embracing 5 Elements of Nature 

Ray of Sun fills me with Love inside,

Playing and looking, where to hide,

In hiding, it spreads joy and bliss,

Filling every core without miss !!

When the breeze is cool,

It generates beautiful sensations to fool ,

It hugs and energizes  me ,

Shifting from dullness to glee !!

When drops of water falls on earth,

Every cell is brought to life, from dearth,

Every atom in my body begins to play like harp,

And the birds start to chirp !!

As soil on earth gets nourished,

Every life here gets flourished,

 My roots get strong and grounded ,

As I began to bloom and unbounded !!

The Aakash is there holding everything together ,

With you, me in this Multiverse, floating like a feather,

We bow down in awe ,

For it reminds us how insignificant we are in this Universal Law !!

By Monika Sakhuja

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