Abundance as we all know means ‘plentiful or great amount’, thus living an abundant life means to have everything from healthy body to being successful in every sense. Some people consider only wealth and success in Abundance, but they take health and relationship as different aspect of life.

Abundance is
– To Enjoy a healthy body
– To Enjoy happy and healthy relationships
– To Enjoy good wealth
– Living in a comfortable place
– Being successful in everything

Understand the Universal Energy
We need to understand that everything is interconnected in the universe. We all are related in terms of energy. All the matter when is broken at the subatomic level it is same for everything and that is Energy. This has already proved in Einstein theory that every mass is energy (E=MC2 ). Thus at the core of everything it is the energy that exists. When we know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but, can only be, transformed, we can start relating to every other being.

Understand Law of Attraction
When we know how goes the energy works, then we only need to match the frequency we want in our reality and we’ll get what we’ll emit. There are only 2 types of vibration, one that emits out of love and the other that emits out of fear. We’ll attract what we give our attention or focus to.

Power of Manifestation lies within Ourselves
We need to realize that power of manifesting or achieving what we want, lies within ourselves. Our beliefs have the power to emit the frequency or the energy out to the universe and we start achieving things in accordance to our beliefs.. Universe is in constant state of Creation and so are we, we can co-create whatever we wish to. We need our desires to be in accordance and in harmony with the universe, and Universe can provide for anybody’ need.

Art of Gratitude
When we express Gratitude towards Universe or Creator of what we already have then, we reach a state of high energy and emit high vibration. We generate the feeling of love and in that state we can attract anything we wish for. Thus Gratitude becomes an important part of the Manifestation technique.

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