What is depression

Depression is a state where a person doesn’t feel happy or motivated at all and tend to remain in gloomy state for days after days. The person doesn’t feel any interest in whatever that is going on around and even the usual day to day activities seem boring and dull. So the lack of Enthusiasm and lack of concentration persists for almost every day. Even the regular hobbies like reading, painting and other activities like going out with family, friends, which gave the feeling of happiness, now doesn’t interest. And suicidal tendencies prevail at times.
Life doesn’t seem to have meaning and nothing motivates to live usual life, then definitely it’s a sign of Depression.
Thus you need to look out for these symptoms and need to heal yourself at the earliest.

Why Depression

Depression as we all know is the opposite of term “Express”. So when we instead of expressing our emotions, we try to suppress them, that’s when the body’s balance goes off. State of conflict is created in mind/ body which goes on for days after days that mind accepts the ‘off state’ as natural state and creates the disease ‘Depression’. When the mind body goes into ‘off state’, the mind doesn’t think anything positive and feels completely low all the time.

This generally happens when we try to negate what’s going on in the body and put a false face over the actual one. This creates resistance in mind and the body.
The reasons for not expressing our true self can be many:-

  • Self imposed Fear – We try to remain in highly optimistic state whereas inside we feel completely opposite i.e. pessimistic state 
  • Family imposed Fear – The family pressure can be such that we are not allowed to express emotions in healthy manner and thus forced to suppress it.
  • Society imposed Fear – There can be social pressure which doesn’t allow us to behave in certain manner.

In short, for whatever reasons, we don’t express what we truly feel inside and then try to stop it and dismiss our emotions saying it doesn’t exist.

Emotions are also called as energy in motion, i.e. which is ever flowing. This energy which is flowing inside can be of any state. It can be high or low state like happiness or sadness, love or fear, anger or forgiveness. Thus if one is feeling so called low state and tries to dismiss , ignore it and deny its true self and believe that it ‘doesn’t exist, then mind gets confused and resistance is created.
It’s like, water is flowing in one direction and you try to stop rather try to channelize it, then obviously it’ll create tiff and water will not move and will cause destruction.

Thus stopping of movement becomes unhealthy for mind and the body. And then we say “why me” and how we got depression. Then we seek doctor’s help who gives us drugs that relaxes our mind by releasing happy hormones to combat Depression.

Root cause of feeling depressed

Depression is actually soul’s expression that it’s not fulfilling its purpose. When we are feeling low, we need to introspect the reason for feeling low.

Types of Problems

Firstly we need to ask our self, “Where the lack in my life is, is it in career, health, relationships or wealth or sense of purpose?”

Find out what is the source of problem. Are you:-

  • Finding difficulty in any of the relationships whether it’s family or loved one?
  • Unhappy in the work that you are doing?
  • Parents expecting too much from you?
  • Facing serious financial loss or under debt?
  • Facing some serious health conditions ?
  • Thinking life is meaningless and having suicidal tendencies?

Find out the source of feeling lack. Whatever the problem be, first realize that you are not alone in this situation. Almost every being on this planet in 90% cases feel exactly the way you do. So please be patient with yourself.

Important things to Remember

  • This is just a phase and this too shall pass
  • Trust in the Universal energy or the Source or God that will take care of every situation in the Divine time and Divine order 
  • Believe that your soul is very powerful and you have all things to handle this situation 
  • Remember you as a soul have chosen this life and all people that are present around you, including your parents, relatives, loved ones and even your enemies 
  • Remember that life is like a school, the moment you learn the lesson out of a any given situation, you clear the grade level and situation improves 
  • Remember in this perfect Universe everything works automatically as there are laws that govern that. Once you understand these laws you can use to to create what you want in this lifetime 
  • It is very easy to Understand the Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance and you can create everything out of nothing 
  • Remember that death is just the end to your body and not your soul’. The soul’ craving for growth will not die and you may again choose to be born under same situations and same kind of souls around, in your next lifetime; thus suicide is not an option at all 
  • Remember your beliefs and sanskars of this life and all your past lives, have been the reason to attract the kind of life you are living now. Thus by changing it you can change your life and patterns. 
  • Remember if you express gratitude then your vibration changes. So if you start replacing the feeling of lack with abundance that you already have in your life, then you shift the reality of your life. 
  • Remember this life itself is a gift that can be used to serve self and others 
  • Remember to find your life’ meaning and focus on the bigger picture. If you see purpose of your life then there’s no reason to feel low or depressed. 

Find Inspiration of your life

Inspiration means ‘In spirit’, thus realizing your true self and your power of soul, will prove that there is no lack in this Universe, but only abundance and pure love. It’s our mind that creates these feelings and thoughts. Every situation is soul’s expression to learn and evolve. The moment we learn from our situations, that situation improves. Once the lack of feeling is replaced with ‘blessing in disguise and opportunities in every situation’, the meaning of life changes.
If you are born on this planet then you do have purpose in life. And you need to find the true meaning of self and life.

Healing Depression: The Solution

What we need to remember that while we are seeking help from our doctors, we need to heal the root cause of the problem that created it in the very first place.

Take charge of own health: – One of the most important aspects is to accept this state and take power in our own hands. We need to understand that our mind and emotions have created this in the very first place thus with our soul’s power we can change it back.
Accept the state: – Accept all the emotions that are going through. All these are part of us. Just accept that like happiness, sadness is also part of our feeling that body is experiencing. Never deny any of the emotion and become aware of the fact that there’s nothing wrong with the emotions that are going through.
Express your emotions: – Once we accept our state, then we need to express our emotions. This step is really important as it will help in healing us at initial level. We can choose any of the activity like beating a pillow, dance like crazy, exercise or run. Don’t stop until you feel completely let out, and you become aware that you’ve expressed all your de-pressed emotions. Just do whatever it takes to let your emotions out constructively. Remember not to hurt anyone else in case of any revenge feeling. Once you feel better even in slightest manner, appreciate yourself and continue to do those activities that bring relief.

  • Practice Yoga
  • Exercise 
  • Go for long walk
  • Practice any Dance form
  • Indulge in hobby like Painting, Pottery
  • Go for swimming
  • Listen to happy music
  • Take a break / vacation

Overcome addictions: – In this internet world, we’ve become addicted to multiple gadgets and we get so engrossed in it that we forget to connect and spend some time with our family and friends in real time. We need to get rid of them and spend quality time with ourselves. Doing introspection can actually give insight to root problem.
Talk to loved ones: – Talk to closed family member or your friend whom you trust completely. You will feel much better.
Express Gratitude: – Instead of focusing on lack, focus on the things that you already have like your healthy body, healthy mind, family and friends support and many other things that you may have not noticed. You can also make a gratitude list everyday and see how fortunate you are.
Serve others: – Just a simple act of serving others will definitely increase your vibrations and help you in feeling purposeful. If you see someone in need then just help them in whatever way you can, and you’ll feel great!!
Meditate: – To completely heal we need to sit for just 5-10 mins and be with ourselves. Meditate on this feeling, allowing us to be true to ourselves. Accept the person we are, and without passing any self judgement and send love to ourselves.
Affirmations: – While meditating some of the affirmations below that can help in miraculous way.

  • I am perfect in every sense
  • I am divine in every sense
  • I have all the power to change my life the way I want it
  • I am the best 
  • I am beautiful soul 
  • I am peaceful soul
  • I choose to remain happy and content for what I have
  • I am genuine and true to myself
  • I can do anything and everything
  • I can handle anything
  • I am so majestic
  • Everything is in divine order so is my life
  • I am always connect to supreme source
  • I have a divine purpose in life and I am here to fulfill that
  • I belong to this planet

Believe in the affirmations: – Repeat the above beautiful feelings till they become natural to your every -+- Repeating it, while believing in it will have miraculous effect.
Live a meaningful life: – if the work that you are doing or any hobby that you are pursuing make you feel great then definitely your life has meaning and you’ll never get into feeling low phase for long. But if you are living a life of a lie then it’s a dangerous sign of getting depression. For once, just be true to yourself and you’ll know the reasons. So be Brave and have courage to face yourself first and you can face the world.

“Live a meaningful, purposeful and inspired life to live healthy life!!”

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