• Being a Man

    You are strong, stoic yet emotional,That’s a different story that you don’t express!About your feelings, we are aware,And in doing so, you share!! You are dependable and supportive,Wants the best as you create!Although you don’t want to show,Wants everyone to appreciate! You are brave, loyal and toughAs we know you dare!Whether it’s with family, friends,… Continue reading Being a Man

  • Life is…

    Life is………………………Life is beautiful,Ask a seed when it growsOf course, it is magical,Ask a Bud when it bloomsLife is mystical,Ask a dew drop when it shinesYes, it is Grace,Ask a Tree that defies gravity as it growsLife is a fragrance,Ask a Lotus that gets nourished through dirtOf course, it is a source,Ask the Sun that… Continue reading Life is…


    Your Presence is evident,  in every aspect of Life.. The calm and serene breeze tells us all !! This Life is a blend,  of Highs and Lows.. The bright and dark cloud tells us all !! Your Will succeeds Our Will.. The rain drops falling tells us all !! We are just another life, In… Continue reading YOUR GRACE