Kids Empowerment

    Children are naturally intuitive and can read vibes or the energy levels very
    naturally. Thus, with little practice we can teach them to become self-reliant and
    motivated beings. Just with little guidance we can motivate them to become creative
    in their original form. They can benefit in the following manner:-

    • Believe and Trust in Own Self
    • Develop Feelings of Self-Esteem and Self-Love
    • Become Creative and Inspired
    • Maintain Healthy Relationship with Self, Family, and the World
    • Heal the Physical and Emotional Self
    • Develop a ‘No-Limit’ Attitude and Gratitude towards Life
    • Become Empowered and Take Charge of Own Life

    Course Content

    • Power of Thoughts and Words
    • Concept of Energy
    • Cleansing 5 Elements
    • Pranayama / Power of Breathing
    • Power of Love (Heart Healing)
    • Gratitude Techniques
    • Power of Listening
    • Body Talking
    • Power of Laughter
    • ‘I AM’ Meditation
    • Relaxation Exercise