Live Life Holistically

This Course focuses on the overall health and wellness techniques that include Physical, mental, emotional and energy levels. It will explain how you can energise yourself at all the levels and raise your energy levels by focusing on food, breath, emotions, thoughts and life that you are living. When you learn to experience life as it is, then you live life to its fullest.

Course Content

  • Advanced Energy Healing Technique
    • Self-Empowerment
    • Mantra Healing
    • Health Wellness through Aura Cleansing Technique
    • Inner Child Healing Technique
    • Chakra Aligning and Balancing Technique
    • Forgiveness and Acceptance Technique
    • Colour Healing
  • Blissful Living
    • Exercising Daily
    • Laughter Therapy
    • Expressing Yourself
    • Relationship Wellness
    • Wealth Wellness
    • Healing our Home Earth