Life is…

Life is………………………
Life is beautiful,
Ask a seed when it grows
Of course, it is magical,
Ask a Bud when it blooms
Life is mystical,
Ask a dew drop when it shines
Yes, it is Grace,
Ask a Tree that defies gravity as it grows
Life is a fragrance,
Ask a Lotus that gets nourished through dirt
Of course, it is a source,
Ask the Sun that brings life on Earth!!

Life is Patience,
Ask a mother who waits for 9 months for her child
Of course, it is a Dream,
Ask a young child who wants to fly high
Life is a Journey,
Ask a caterpillar that grows into a Butterfly
Yes, it is a lesson,
Ask a Person who has failed multiple times
Life is a Fulfillment,
Ask a person who lived serving others
Of course, it is boundless and Limitless,
Ask the dust that turned into a Star a zillion times!!

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