Power of Self (individual/ Group/ Corporate):

This Course is to realise our true selves and learn some of the powerful energy healing techniques through which we can create an enriching life for ourselves. This workshop will help in dealing with any issues related to self, relationship, career, wealth and success. It will also explain how to use your mind as a tool to deal with life issues and transform negative emotions and beliefs that no longer serve in any manner. The prime focus is to realize Self’ Power and empower it, to create miracles in life.

◉  Understanding Our Mind

◉  Understanding the Concept of Thoughts and Words

◉  Understanding Universal laws

◉  Concept of Belief system

◉  Understanding emotions and thoughts

◉  Self-Empowerment Technique

◉  Imbibing characteristics to empower Self

◉  Learning Energy Healing Technique

  • Aura Cleansing and Strengthening Technique
  • Inner Child Healing Technique
  • Heart Healing Technique
  • Chakra Aligning and Balancing Technique
  • Accepting Responsibility Technique (Releasing the feeling of past trauma, abuse, hatred etc.)
  • Forgiveness and Acceptance Technique
  • Belief System Healing Technique

◉  Being Blissful

  • Being Happy and Content
  • Relationship Wellness
  • Health Wellness
  • Wealth Wellness