Workshops and Courses on Green Living for Individual/ Social Groups/ Corporate

Soap Making Course

● Cold Process Soap Making (Level : Beginners)
● Cold Process Soap Making Advanced Level

Natural Beauty Products Courses

● Natural Clay Masks
● Anti-Tan Packs
● Natural Body Wash
● Body Scrubs
● Detox Bath Salts
● Hair Oil with 10 Herbs

Our Team: – We are team of highly compassionate and motivated individuals who aim to
provide the holistic view of how you can keep yourself healthy at all levels. Our team comprises
of certified intuitive healers, certified masters who have knowledge and experience in
meditations, healing sessions and conducting various workshops and trainings related to mind,
body and soul levels. We also have team of IT Professionals who have passion to bring the
healing concept to all the human beings using latest technology. Together our aim is to
empower people through this platform and that we are able to serve humanity.

Live: – We need to live our lives to its fullest. Life that has a meaning is the life that’s worth
living. Thus we need to serve our soul’s purpose and if the work that we are doing and if the
way we are living our lives has a meaning then we are living the life to its fullest.

Pure: – In order to serve life’s purpose we need to live a pure life. Just like the Universal energy
is completely pure, abundant and full of unconditional love, in the same manner we need to
make ourselves completely genuine and pure like gold so that we can lead by example and
Inspire others and this world can again become a better place to live.

Way: – The path we choose to achieve our goals makes a great difference. If we choose the path
of Honesty, Empathy, Compassion, Dedication, Abundance, Humbleness and Ethics then we
can fulfill our Lives’ Mission and live a purposeful life.

Our Mission is the wellbeing of everybeing and for that to assist and empower individuals
reach their highest potential and bring holistic change in their lives to ‘Live Meaningful,
Inspired, and Pure Healthy Life’

Our Vision is make our earth safe and healthy for every being on this planet