It is the most beautiful feeling when you get the news that you are going to be blessed with a baby. It seems like everything changes in that moment. All the family members and friends become so caring, so protective that you feel on top of the world. And why not, at this stage every mother has the right to feel so!!

The most awesome feeling is that you are not alone and you have your precious someone inside that you need to take care of. That itself makes you realize your responsibility towards that little angel. You become aware of your lifestyle and your habits and change it accordingly.
Apart from changing your diet i.e from junk food to healthy food, changing work routine to more relaxed state, you also need to change your thought patterns to think more positively. In short you start changing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It has been proven scientifically that both mother’ and father’ emotions and feelings directly affect baby’s growth cells, as the DNA is same. Thus it becomes even more important to remain happy, content and positive, and the baby will be of same nature. The role of mother becomes just like that of God in itself creating baby out of those cells.

Thus you need to give unconditional love to yourself and your baby will naturally feel it. The more you will listen to good things, read motivational and good books and hear soothing music, the more calm and composed you will be and this will help send positive loving emotions to the baby as well. Even the changes happening at the physical level will not impact if you love yourself and accept your pregnancy fully. You may also keep a journal to write what are feeling, thinking in that period and that will help in tracking your emotions.
Some of the positive beliefs that can help mother during those 9 months are the following:-

  • My baby and I are divinely guided during this period.
  • We are always safe and protected
  • We are filled with loving, positive and divine energy
  • We are peaceful soul and energy that is creating my baby is very pure
  • We enjoy each and every moment of this phase
  • We are part of the creator and have the power to create our own reality
  • We are immune to all the negative thoughts of anger, fear, sadness, and guilt
  • I am aware of all the mood fluctuations, and know that it’s just a phase and this shall pass
  • My baby’s each and every cell and organ is very healthy, whole and positive
  • My baby knows how to remain healthy all the time
  • My pregnancy period is the most beautiful and enriching experience
  • I am becoming more spiritual, more stable as each day passes

Happy Experiencing!!