Manifesting Desires and Being Prosperous

This course focuses on your wishes and desires and how you can achieve it. If you know what you want in life and wish to attract the same then you can choose this workshop. In this program you’ll learn to empower your soul, raise your energy levels and manifestation techniques to achieve what you desire the most. Universe is in constant state of Creation and so are we, we can co-create whatever we wish to. Our desires need to be in accordance and in harmony with the universe, and Universe can provide for anybody’ need.


◉  Understanding Laws of Universe for Manifesting

◉  Understanding Power of Thoughts and Words

◉  Energy Testing

◉  Self Empowerment Technique

  • Imbibing characteristics to empower Self
  • Gratitude Technique
  • Learning the Art of Gratitude

◉  Learning Energy Healing Technique

  • Aura Cleansing and Strengthening Technique
  • Inner Child Healing Technique
  • Heart Healing Technique
  • Chakra Aligning and Balancing Technique
  • Accepting Responsibility Technique (Releasing the feeling of past trauma, abuse, hatred etc.)
  • Forgiveness and Acceptance Technique
  • Belief System Healing Technique

◉  Manifesting Technique

  • Working on belief system to attract Prosperity
  • Releasing old beliefs that no longer serve
  • Create a Life of Desire