Being a Man

You are strong, stoic yet emotional,
That’s a different story that you don’t express!
About your feelings, we are aware,
And in doing so, you share!!

You are dependable and supportive,
Wants the best as you create!
Although you don’t want to show,
Wants everyone to appreciate!

You are brave, loyal and tough
As we know you dare!
Whether it’s with family, friends, coworkers or strangers
We know that you care!!

Although you are Self-reliant and give respect to others,
You give them preference to lead!
Appreciate their strength,
Never hesitate to seek advice when you need!!

We seek your guidance when we require,
We look at you in awe, at times!
We know that you are there to protect us
During all difficult times!!

The universe was made by dual energies of Shakti-Shiv
One focusing on physical strength and logic as a goal,
Other, on inner strength and intuition
Being a Man, you have both, that Makes You Complete and Whole!!

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