It’s has been more than a year that my mom changed her form and merged with the Divine. It was very difficult to imagine our lives without her.  But when we think selflessly she actually freed herself from physical discomfort that she was facing from long term illness. She had been a great source of inspiration to each and every family member. She showed so much of courage and power to deal with the ups and downs in lives.

I still remember that midnight (25th Mar, 2013) when she left, her body was there but the essence had gone, then suddenly around 4 AM that morning there was knock at the window and a green colored bird came outside my mom’s room. It was so beautiful that we had never seen that bird earlier. The bird sat there for many hours, my sister kept some water near her, but that bird just sat there. When we came back from cremation that bird was still there as if silently observing everyone!!

After that, around noon that bird wasn’t there as if her purpose was done. Then my sister found 2-3 green color feathers outside in our garden area. She just showed that to us and said it simply reminded that of our mother and safely kept it.

Then after 4 days when Kirya was done (special Prayer for deceased), when all the carpets were removed from our driveway, a strange scene was observed by my father. Early morning that day, our father woke us up and asked us to follow him to driveway.

In the whole driveway, there were many white feathers as if kept parallelly along the way. We couldn’t find any explanation of feathers being kept at almost equal distance throughout. We also found white feathers in our garden area outside my mother’s room. We all felt as if it was message from our mom that although she had gone physically but she is always there with us in another form that has no boundaries and no limits. We still have those feathers with us, reminding us of her presence. It wasn’t that this just happened then.

I still remember that day when my sister was driving and I had an appointment with doctor. She simply didn’t park outside her clinic area where we normally do, but parked 2 blocks before that. As soon as I got down from the car, there was a white feather on the ground, indicating that my mom is there with me and I need not worry. Whenever we all miss her, we request her to show us that she’s there with us, we see appearance of feathers even at the strangest place where no one can imagine.

We also found feathers in the Mall’ s elevator, in temple, in bathroom, in balcony, even in strange car parking lots.

I just feel that souls connect with us, it’s just that we need to be ready to accept and seek guidance. A soul can connect with us in any manner and make us realize that we are not alone and our guardian angels are there with us protecting, guiding us always!!  

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