Pregnancy is very crucial time as we are aware that we are not alone and are equally responsible for little one inside. That is the time when we need to make conscious changes in our habit.  My journey too changed during that period. Initially I thought it would be difficult to change my habits, but with time, I found it interesting to live my life healthy way. I feel lucky to experience this beautiful journey of being a mother. In fact this journey was an eye opener to how my life had been. Before, I never thought of what I ate, how I lived, but with my baby inside, I became conscious of what I thought, what I ate, how I breathe, what I saw and read etc.

So it was complete change for me. This proved to be healthy not only for my baby, but for me. I switched to more entertaining, inspirational, light comedy programs. This way I became comparatively happy and experienced very less mood swings during that period. Being emphatic in nature, I avoided negative talks, persons and news at all cost. I read inspiration and informative books that gave all the knowledge of living healthy life and motivation to follow good habits throughout the period. Meditation became part of my life as I changed my limiting belief systems and became more positive. I chanted mantras to increase my vibrations.

Thanks to that journey, I am more aware of the food that I eat now. I am aware of how I breathe at all times. In between I learnt yoga to get me back into my original shape.

Below are the tips during Pregnancy that I followed and can be helpful for others also:-

  • Drinking lots of water approx. 3-4 litres and mostly lukewarm water
  • Deep Breathing throughout the day – During Pregnancy breathing tends to become short and shallow as stomach begins to expand thus it becomes important to be aware of your breathing.
  • Meditating every day to keep mind calm and release stress during the whole period.
  • Including salads in meal and drinking homemade vegetable soup and including more proteins (reduces swelling in the body)
  • Eating 2 -3 fruits every day
  • Avoided refined wheat (Maida) and refined sugar completely
  • Reduced rice and potatoes
  • Including Light Exercises to increase flexibility of the body and reduce the aches in muscles and spine.
  • Reading good inspirational books to keep you motivated and informed. Some of the books I read Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Enchanted Living, Perfect Health; Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention; What to expect when you are expecting etc…
  • Listening to good relaxing music – This really helps in meditating and relaxing the muscles. Ex: ‘Om’ mantra; Theta music to calm; baby care music on you tube
  • Switching to natural oils, handmade soaps, natural shampoos, and avoiding products having harmful chemicals like Body lotions, moisturizers , bathing bars, nail paints, lipsticks, shampoos
  • Watching Motivational, Comedy  and Pregnancy related Informative videos  

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