Have you seen a child, its beauty, its innocence, it’s curiosity to know everything, with no fear or attitude, with no importance to caste, creed, color or biasness.
There’s a sparkle in his eyes, those eyes which are door to his pure & innocent soul. He knows no fear, no prejudice & no prior beliefs. Just his cute little smile makes all problems disappear, his innocent face lights up our lives and his naughty actions peps up our lives.
It‘s the spontaneity with which a child reacts. It is this attitude that helps him enjoy each moment. There are no past or future worries for him, but, only this moment that he lives in. He trusts everyone & everything easily. He knows how to make ordinary things to extraordinary & beautiful.
Look at him when he’s playing with the paper & making that ordinary paper to most creative thing like a plane or a boat and enjoying every bit of it. Look at him when he’s in car or scooter & waving & smiling to strangers. Look at him when at one moment he’s fighting with someone & next moment he’s sharing his toys with him. He lives in this moment. He’s so full of energy & is motivated, enthusiastic about everything around him. He is brave enough to explore everything that comes near him & curious to know & learn new things. He sees everyone with same compassion and love & would easily forget and forgive. For him every moment is ‘Wow’ moment. He laughs and smiles irresistibly at almost everything he sees like the rainfall or at flowers blooming, at spilling of colors or at any mistake that he makes.
It is this nature of his that makes him so pure and innocent and very much close to God. Life is all about preserving this child like nature. It is all about going back to our basics and being a child again.

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