Although the meaning of this word is so simple yet it’s so difficult to implement the concept of Acceptance in our lives. The moment we accept our self or the situations that we are in, we feel like a free bird. The burden that we have been carrying on our shoulder seems to be lifted away.

When God created this whole Universe, He made everything in the perfect way. And He has made us just the right way we should be i.e. “beautiful spiritual beings who have come on the earth to experience human life”.

Every individual is unique and very special in his own way. If we look at ourselves from the soul consciousness then we would discover a new image of ourselves in the way like God looks at us – a pure vibrant powerful peaceful soul. When we develop this kind of attitude towards ourself, we send positive energies around. Our body is then filled with love & compassion & our mind becomes calm. In this calm & stable state it becomes easy to connect with our Higher self & then we are capable of analyzing our true self, better. And our decision making abilities improves which improves the quality of life that we are living. Then we are able to view our qualities whether good or bad from a higher perspective. And we are able to focus more on our strengths than our weaknesses.

When we get into a comparison mode, we always look unto others who are better than us, and in that whole process we belittle ourselves. No doubt it’s good to admire others, but is it healthy to compare ourselves to others. Not at all, as when we start comparing, we only see our negative aspect & fail to notice our strengths & positive qualities. In that case we may develop inferiority complex, or would get tensed. This may increase the pressure on our mind. We may also start hating ourselves, and the way we handle ourselves. This whole thought process, creates an imbalance in our mind, our body & hence our lives.
If you look at successful people you’ll notice that these people are the ones who have accepted themselves the way they are & who have worked upon their strengths. Moreover People are known by their strengths rather than their weaknesses. So when we start focusing on our strengths, our weaknesses would soon fade.

It’s time that we realise this and become aware of ourselves. The moment we start loving and accepting ourselves then that, in turn would give an immense power. With that power we remain focused on the positive qualities that we have & work towards making ourselves a better person in every way. The best way of comparion is to compare ourselves what we were few years back. This would give us a clear indication whether we have changed for better or for worse, whether we are on the right path or not.

There’s another thing that comes with acceptance it is welcoming of change. Then we no longer resist the situation or people, but keep on accepting them as well. Life always demands change, & change is inevitable. No matter how hard we resist, but life would present with situations that would demand change. The sooner we realise this, the sooner our problems would disappear.

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