When we are faced with adverse situations, we start thinking what we did in our lives to attract such kind of situations or people. But what we ignore, is that, Karma is just one aspect of life and what lies underneath are the thoughts that we are thinking all day long, everyday. And needless to say these thoughts come from those beliefs that we are carrying which in turn is responsible for our Karma.

To improve our lives and create a new one for ourselves, we need to figure what lies in our subconscious mind that’s responsible for what we have attracted in our lives. It is rightly said that there are no accidents in life. Universe never makes a mistake in its system. So at the soul level, we are living exactly what we had chosen our life to be. What we need to focus is what beliefs we are carrying from lifetimes that are attracting the current situation that we are in. That does require lot of contemplating. In some cases our conscious mind will try to justify or argue. In that case, we need to look beyond the logical thinking and trust our instincts. We can also find out by asking ourselves how the current situation is serving us. The answer to this might show us what is stored as a belief in our subconscious mind.

In some cases the current situation will allow us to blame others or ourselves and indulge in self pity. In some scenario it’ll show the other side of our personality that we might be ignoring. It could also be mirror to the kind of emotions that we have been storing in our body; it could be guilt or regret, hurt, resentment, or rejection.

But unless and until we are ready to change our attitude towards life, our beliefs and the way we perceive the world, it’ll not help in creating or manifesting what we want in life. Remember even a small change in single thought can heal our bodies, our mind, our soul and thus help in creating life we desire.

Once we have figured the reasons, and accepted the fact that this situation is just a learning experience, we need to send love to ourselves and completely accept ourselves the way we are. With that pure thought and intention, we’ll be able to let go of negative emotions one by one. Then it’ll help in instilling positive beliefs in ourselves and releasing old negative beliefs, which can be done through prayers, visualizations, or through healing techniques.

Below are the tips that you’ll find useful while healing yourself

Ø  Focus on what you want to achieve in life

Ø  Trust your instincts and let go of all the doubts that will come

Ø  Fill yourself with faith and belief that all is happening in divine order and in divine time

Ø  Fill yourself with God’s  or Universe’s pure love and pure intention

Ø  Let go of negative beliefs and allow it to be released from you at all the levels to God’s light

Ø  Then replace it with positive beliefs by filling your mind, body and soul with that positive belief.

Ø  Then start releasing the feeling of fear, hurt, guilt, resentment

Ø  Replace it with courage, forgiveness, unconditional love

Ø  Ask God to heal the situation that you want to heal

Ø  Imagine that situation is now being resolved in the best and the highest form

Ø  Express Gratitude for healing that has taken place

Ø  Trust that from now onwards your life is healed

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