Happiness, doesn’t this word bring the image of smiley in your mind & your lips curl at the thought of this. Everyone is looking for happiness & they wait for some special day to come or some special event to occur when they would be happy.
But does it happen? Well sometimes!!! But things don’t always turn out to be the way it has been planned. Does that mean we should crib all the time? Or we accept the situation as it is and shift our attitude towards happiness.
So happiness is not the outcome of any desired result, but a state of mind. If a person wants to be happy he can be in any situations no matter what. But if one wants to remain in the state of sadness then no achievement can replace it.
Being in the state of happiness has to be made a habit. Life is full of mysteries & everybody is familiar with this fact. Nobody knows what would happen next. So it would be wise to accept the situation or the people as they are. Life is a school where every soul is evolving & graduating to next level. Thus everyone is faced with the challenges. But once we master the art of choosing happiness, then no matter what challenges come, we can still choose to be happy.
Happiness can also be achieved through detachment. If we remain detached to the outcome of events then we can remain happy. Our karma is to take actions according to our wisdom & then leave the outcome in the hands of God. If we master this art of detachment, then state of happiness is attained irrespective of any situation.
Acceptance in the divine law & in the divine timing helps to achieve detachment. There are some things in life we can change then & there and for some things we need to have patience & faith in God, but one thing we can always chose to have is Happiness in all these times of trial & turbulence. It helps us to remain calm & peaceful, so the intensity of attracting positive things in life increases.
Train your mind to always choose positive thoughts & thus choose to remain Happy no matter what. Say to yourself, “I am a powerful, peaceful, content & happy being”:).