I know we have expectations from everyone around us, people whom we love, our parents, children, our companies, friends and even colleagues. And every time our expectations are not met we say that the other person is wrong in doing so, or we say that people are unfair or life is unfair to us. Then we start the blaming game and get into self pity mode. It’s very easy to blame others and go into powerlessness state. But the actual courage is when we take our own responsibility of keeping our thoughts and emotions in check. And that happens only when we accept the situation the way it is. This will then take us into empowered state.

Empowerment is that state in which you feel the freedom, the contentment and joy of choosing positive thoughts and respond to any situation in positive manner. Then your ability to react to any situation will be decreased and you will start responding with understanding and not just out of auto mode state. You will understand that the only control you have, is on yourself. You need not control anyone else but just your own thoughts. And you can choose your state of mind by feeling and believing in positive thoughts. You will understand that the external factors can hurt you only when you give away your power and you allow the external factors to affect you. Unless and until you choose not to, you will remain in that state.

Keeping expectation from others is easy but setting expectations for yourself and keeping it will be a task. You will realize that you will not be able to change your negative thought pattern very easily. But the success lies in perseverance. So with continuous effort you will be able to achieve the desired result.

Converting your state of helplessness to the state of empowerment can be achieved through the following steps

1.    Remove the expectation as to how others should behave or how the situation should be like

2.    Accept the situation as it is

3.    Get out of blame situation by focusing on solution rather than the problem

4.    Remove your negative beliefs about the situation and have positive beliefs instead

5.    Start appreciating what you already have instead of focusing on lack of it

6.    Have Hope!! Something better is planned for you.

7.    Know that Law of attraction works for the whole universe and have this faith that it will work for you also

8.    Remove all your doubts and fears before stating your intentions

9.    Feel the freedom, joy and compassion inside your heart

10.  Give your positive intentions to the universe; state what you want

11.  Finally let Universe handle your request as to how it will be fulfilled

So keep this goal in life i.e. to have expectations only from yourself and everytime you meet it, increase it to the next level. You will find yourself becoming better and better in every manner everyday. Happy Experiencing the Expectations!!