Many people say that you need to forgive! But why do we forgive. Our ego gets hurt & our heart cries out that “No we need to take revenge & teach other person a lesson.” Then our mind gets engaged in plotting & planning as to how to punish the other person. And this continues for a long time till we get the so called ‘opportunity’ to take revenge. By then so many years pass by, that we realize that we’ve wasted so much energy on the other person, which could have been utilized in something more constructive like our personal growth & evolving as a spiritual being. Many times it also happens that the anger that was stored in the body for the other person starts affecting the body itself & manifests into some illness. Then we realize that anger or the hatred for the other person does not harm the other person but the body where it is stored. In some cases the illness can be of serious type.
The best way to deal with such kind of situation is to forgive the person. You might say that it would be coward on our part to do that. But trust me it actually requires lots of guts to forgive & forget the person who has done something wrong. It is easy to feel hatred & take revenge but it is very difficult to forgive. And forgiveness doesn’t mean that you accept the wrong doings of the other person but you don’t allow the other person to take control of your mind or your emotions, or become a trigger to bring anger into you body. You become the master of your own thoughts & not act as a slave. This would give you more power & would bring peace to your soul. You would be free of all negative thoughts- the hatred, the anger, the guilt, the resentment & the rejection.
The Universe has its own intelligent way of teaching the lesson. Remember the Law of Karma that comes into picture that takes care of all the actions of all the beings in this universe. So leave everything in the hands of Universe which would take care of the lessons to be taught to others.
Always remember that while it is important to forgive others it is equally important to forgive ourselves as well. We need to learn from our mistakes & not repeat them.
Only then we would be able to make positive changes in ourselves & not get lost in the vicious circle of past events.
Once you make forgiveness a habit, you would notice the positive changes in your life. You would meet or attract those people who would only bring peace & harmony in your life. And the quality of life that you would be leading would improve drastically.