There are times when you feel that nothing is working for you. Everything seems to be working against yourself including your own body. In that situation, you need to understand that somewhere in the subconscious mind, some negative pattern is going which is attracting negative situations and creating dis-ease.

Thus you need to introspect and check what beliefs you are carrying that are affecting your life. And to heal yourself at physical level, it is very important to heal yourself at mental, emotional and spiritual level also. That’s the reason it is called holistic healing.

To heal yourself spiritually you need to check the following:-

·         Are you living your life realising the power of soul or living in self pity

·         Are you doing something that feeds your soul or feel depleted most of the time

·         Are you always connected to divine or feel lonely by yourself

·         Do you take charge of your life or blame others
To heal yourself mentally you need to check the following:-

·         Are you thinking positive thoughts or negative

·         Are you doing something creative that motivates your brain or feel mentally drained

·         Are you feeding your mind with something new every day or following routine

·         Do you meditate and keep in touch with your higher self
To heal yourself emotionally you need to check the following:-

·         Are you feeling good about yourself or lack self esteem

·         Are you learning lessons from your mistake and moving on or rather feel stuck

·         Are you able to forgive yourself and others or keeping grudge inside

·         Do you feel content in life or feel anger or frustrated

Once you check then use the below affirmations to heal yourself:-

·         I am perfect in every sense.

·         I am divine soul with infinite power.

·         I am peaceful and loving soul.

·         I love and accept myself.

·         I free myself of guilt and regret.

·         I forgive myself and other easily.

·         I am deserving in every sense.

·         I let go of all doubts, fear, and old limiting beliefs.

·         I let go of hidden anger, frustration and burden from myself.

·         I allow myself to heal myself at all levels.

·         Everything in my life is in divine order.

·         I am abundant, and attract all the good things in life.

·         My life is beautiful and adventurous.

·         I attract genuine people around me.

Remember you have one life so live it to its fullest !!