I was always looking for healing techniques that creates miracles in one’s body & life. Although it took a while, but then I understood that you don’t have to work hard to improve the healing but you have to have Love inside for all the beings in this universe to create miracles. It is the unconditional love that creates healing.
Love is the Greatest Healer of all. I had just read the book “Love, Medicine & miracles” by Bernie Siegel and its an amazing book on how a person’s faith and beliefs affect their healing process. In this author has summarized that it is love that heals. When you ask someone to improve their health and their immunity system, they find it difficult to work on themselves and don’t know how to do it. But when you teach them to love themselves fully & completely then that feeling of love created inside automatically increases their immunity system.
Thus healing doesn’t require any effort. It is just being in the present and letting the love flow within. This faith in oneself and in GOD or the creator or the source of energy that created this whole universe is enough to heal any disease, any past trauma or heal any situation.
It allows to accept us the way we are and allows to move on and it also allows to accept others as they are and allows to forgive them and release them from the mind, body & soul. Just this acceptance, release any negative thoughts or emotions from the consciousness and creates unconditional love inside and heals the body. And You are the perfect being that God has created, so start loving yourself and spread that Love to all those who come in touch with you and create a new life.