I was always looking for healing techniques that creates miracles in one’s body & life. Although it took a while, but then I understood that you don’t have to work hard to improve the healing but you have to have Love inside for all the beings in this universe to create miracles. It is the unconditional love that creates healing.
Love is the Greatest Healer of all. I had just read the book “Love, Medicine & miracles” by Bernie Siegel and its an amazing book on how a person’s faith and beliefs affect their healing process. In this author has summarized that it is love that heals. When you ask someone to improve their health and their immunity system, they find it difficult to work on themselves and don’t know how to do it. But when you teach them to love themselves fully & completely then that feeling of love created inside automatically increases their immunity system.
Thus healing doesn’t require any effort. It is just being in the present and letting the love flow within. This faith in oneself and in GOD or the creator or the source of energy that created this whole universe is enough to heal any disease, any past trauma or heal any situation.
It allows to accept us the way we are and allows to move on and it also allows to accept others as they are and allows to forgive them and release them from the mind, body & soul. Just this acceptance, release any negative thoughts or emotions from the consciousness and creates unconditional love inside and heals the body. And You are the perfect being that God has created, so start loving yourself and spread that Love to all those who come in touch with you and create a new life.



We people are always in need of something or the other; we are always praying constantly that we get this or that. But we forget to thank for what we already have. We forget that God has given so much. The most special things in life are always taken for granted. For example our family, our friends, our closed ones & most important of all our body which is so precious, is taken for granted.

When we thank God each day, each moment for all the things we have, then God also starts giving us all that we wish for, even before we ask for. It’s just like having complete faith in Him, believing that whatever is happening is happening for good, that we would be always taken care of, & our wishes would be fulfilled in the best and the highest form for us.

Whenever we are unhappy with things happening around, then we tend to express our anger on those people who are close to us. We talk rudely to them even if they have no fault. Our family who give us unconditional love to us, expect nothing from us in return, are actually the ones who deserve our smile & our good side so as to say. Is it not strange that whenever our superiors or someone says something we don’t like, or people who do something wrong to us, & when we can’t say anything to them, our family & friends become our target. Just imagine the situation when no one close to us, is around. Imagine our life without them, only then we realize their value in our life.

So if we start appreciating our family, our friends & express our gratitude to them for giving us the moral, emotional support & unconditional love, they would feel so happy inside & would give us lots of blessing that would in turn make our life better. Each day would be a day of blessings with so many people around us to take care of us, wait for us when we are late from work, give us love & support all the time in our high & our low phases of life.

God has also given us a healthy body that we fail to notice & just the mere fact that we can see, hear, speak, feel & do our own work that in itself is such a big thing but we never realize this. While we are reading or watching something, our heart is pumping the blood, our lungs are providing oxygen to our cells. Most important of all, our brain always remains active even in our sleep. The way our body functions is just so amazing.

Whenever someone does something for us, we thank him so many times. But how many times do we thank our body. Just because the body is ours do we have the right to ignore it & take it for granted? Just like, when we thank the rest of the world, they are ready to help us again, in the same way when we talk to our body & express our gratitude towards it, the body gets the power to be healthy & happy again. So whenever we are not at ease (dis – ease) then the best way to handle is to talk to our body, the various organs & send love, appreciate it and express our gratitude towards it. Our body always responds by keeping all our cells in happy & healthy state. We would certainly see the shift in ourselves.

Start our day by:

Thanking our eyes for seeing the beautiful things of God’s creation.

Thanking our voice for speaking right words & good thing to others.

Thanking our lungs for spreading life to our cells.

Thanking our intuitions for guiding us always.

Thanking our mind for making us creative each day & taking right decisions in dilemma situations.

Thanking our heart for spreading unconditional love to ourselves & others & being empathetic.

Just by simple art of learning to say thanks & spreading love to one’s own body & others, one can see miracles happening every day & feeling blessed to be just alive & be a God’s creation. One would not wait for miracles to happen but would be a miracle himself.