• Natural Soaps

    What are Handmade Pure Soaps:- Handmade soaps (cold processed or hot processed) are the ones that are made from lye (i.e. sodium hydroxide or caustic soda), pure oils and butter. These are thus known as Pure soaps. These are rich in vitamins and minerals that are healthy for the skin. They not only improve the… Continue reading Natural Soaps

  • Meditation

    Breath-Focus Meditation In this kind of meditation, we need to focus on the breath. This is the very simple and basic that one can follow anywhere whether at home or in the workplace. This becomes basis for other types of Meditation. For Breath-Focus Meditation sit in a comfortable place and simply by closing your eyes… Continue reading Meditation

  • Green Living

    Green living has become a mantra for healthy living. It is going Global as people have realized that unless and until we take care of our planet there’ll be nothing left to live. The environment as we all know is changing. It’s high time that we start caring for our mother earth, or else no… Continue reading Green Living

  • Abundance

    Abundance as we all know means ‘plentiful or great amount’, thus living an abundant life means to have everything from healthy body to being successful in every sense. Some people consider only wealth and success in Abundance, but they take health and relationship as different aspect of life. Abundance is– To Enjoy a healthy body–… Continue reading Abundance


    What is depression Depression is a state where a person doesn’t feel happy or motivated at all and tend to remain in gloomy state for days after days. The person doesn’t feel any interest in whatever that is going on around and even the usual day to day activities seem boring and dull. So the… Continue reading UNDERSTANDING AND HEALING DEPRESSION


    Heart chakra Chakra (energy vortex), is a sanskrit word that means ‘a spinning disc’ or ‘a wheel.’ There are seven major of these energy connections in the subtle body through which the life force (prana) or vital energy moves. Chakras attract healthy energy for us to absorb, and throws off negative energy that we no… Continue reading OPEN YOUR HEART CHAKRA


    Pregnancy is very crucial time as we are aware that we are not alone and are equally responsible for little one inside. That is the time when we need to make conscious changes in our habit.  My journey too changed during that period. Initially I thought it would be difficult to change my habits, but… Continue reading PREGNANCY CARE


    It’s has been more than a year that my mom changed her form and merged with the Divine. It was very difficult to imagine our lives without her.  But when we think selflessly she actually freed herself from physical discomfort that she was facing from long term illness. She had been a great source of inspiration… Continue reading CONNECTION WITH MOM


    Are you aware of the chemicals in the products that you are using in day to day life? If not, then it’s high time that we become aware of the ingredients used in these products. Please note that the below is not the complete list, but it’ll make us aware of the ingredients that are… Continue reading HARMFUL CHEMICALS TO AVOID IN DAILY USE PRODUCTS


    There are times when you feel that nothing is working for you. Everything seems to be working against yourself including your own body. In that situation, you need to understand that somewhere in the subconscious mind, some negative pattern is going which is attracting negative situations and creating dis-ease. Thus you need to introspect and… Continue reading HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF


    When we are faced with adverse situations, we start thinking what we did in our lives to attract such kind of situations or people. But what we ignore, is that, Karma is just one aspect of life and what lies underneath are the thoughts that we are thinking all day long, everyday. And needless to… Continue reading POWER TO HEAL


    I know we have expectations from everyone around us, people whom we love, our parents, children, our companies, friends and even colleagues. And every time our expectations are not met we say that the other person is wrong in doing so, or we say that people are unfair or life is unfair to us. Then… Continue reading HAVE EXPECTATION BUT ONLY FROM YOURSELF


    All of us have our dreams and many of us live our lives in those dreams only. Yet there are people who convert their dreams into reality. They create new reality the way they want their life to be turned into. People wonder whether it’s sheer luck or rather coincidence, which made this happen. But… Continue reading TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY


    I was always looking for healing techniques that creates miracles in one’s body & life. Although it took a while, but then I understood that you don’t have to work hard to improve the healing but you have to have Love inside for all the beings in this universe to create miracles. It is the… Continue reading LOVE HEALS


    It is the most beautiful feeling when you get the news that you are going to be blessed with a baby. It seems like everything changes in that moment. All the family members and friends become so caring, so protective that you feel on top of the world. And why not, at this stage every… Continue reading EXPERIENCING MOTHERHOOD


    Happiness, doesn’t this word bring the image of smiley in your mind & your lips curl at the thought of this. Everyone is looking for happiness & they wait for some special day to come or some special event to occur when they would be happy.But does it happen? Well sometimes!!! But things don’t always… Continue reading CHOOSE HAPPINESS


    Many people say that you need to forgive! But why do we forgive. Our ego gets hurt & our heart cries out that “No we need to take revenge & teach other person a lesson.” Then our mind gets engaged in plotting & planning as to how to punish the other person. And this continues… Continue reading WANT TO FREE YOURSELF- TRY FORGIVENESS


    Although the meaning of this word is so simple yet it’s so difficult to implement the concept of Acceptance in our lives. The moment we accept our self or the situations that we are in, we feel like a free bird. The burden that we have been carrying on our shoulder seems to be lifted… Continue reading ACCEPTANCE


    Have you seen a child, its beauty, its innocence, it’s curiosity to know everything, with no fear or attitude, with no importance to caste, creed, color or biasness.There’s a sparkle in his eyes, those eyes which are door to his pure & innocent soul. He knows no fear, no prejudice & no prior beliefs. Just… Continue reading BE A CHILD AGAIN


    We people are always in need of something or the other; we are always praying constantly that we get this or that. But we forget to thank for what we already have. We forget that God has given so much. The most special things in life are always taken for granted. For example our family,… Continue reading ART OF GRATITUDE


    Colors play a major role or you can say an important part in our lives. Colors have the power to change our life pattern by affecting our emotions. Someone has rightly said “Your life is like a blank canvas, you have the choice to make into a beautiful & colorful painting.” Colors reflect our personality… Continue reading IMPORTANCE OF COLORS IN OUR LIVES